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AR Speaker Repair

AR Speaker Repair

All repair prices include return shipping. You are responsible for the cost of shipping your speakers to us for repair via the carrier of your choice.

You must complete the online speaker repair form and submit it electronically prior to sending speakers to us for service. Follow the shipping instructions on the "shipping" tab of the repair form

Be sure to print a copy for your records and a copy to include with the package when you ship. Units arriving for repair without a completed online speaker repair form will be returned.

Speaker Reconing Service Includes:

  • Complete inspection of speaker frame, pole piece, back plate, magnet gap, and terminals.
  • Clean magnetic gap.
  • Replacement of ALL moving parts, including voice coil, spider, cone, surround, dust cap, gasket and lead wires.
  • Full testing on completed repair.
  • Warranty: 90 days.

AR Speaker Model:
Recone Each:
AR Speaker Model:
Recone Each:
8" - most models
10" - most models
11", 12" - 3, 3a, 9, 10pi, 11, LST, and others

Speaker Refoaming Service Includes:

  • Complete inspection and testing of cone, spider, frame, voice coil, and lead wires.
  • Replacement of the required speaker surround and gasket.
  • Full testing on completed repair.
  • Warranty: 7 years. (Automotive speakers: 1 year)
  • The most common failure on most speakers is foam edge deterioration or dry rot.
  • If the speaker foam (outer edge) is bad, speaker refoaming will make your speakers look and sound just like brand new!

AR Speaker Size:
Refoam Each:
3", 4", 4.5"
5", 5.25"
6", 6.5"
11", 12" (3, 3a, 9, 10pi, 11, LST, and others)
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