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Repair Photos

Below are just a few examples of the speaker repairs we perform at our shop.
Click on the photos to see a larger view and a description of the repairs.

Large Advent Speaker Repair
Large Advent Repair
JBL 128H Speaker Repair
JBL 128H Repair
Toyota, JBL 86160-AC180 Speaker Repair
JBL 86160-AC180 Repair
Advent 2W Speaker Repair
Advent 2W Repair
AR3A Woofer Speaker Repair
AR 3a Repair
10" Poly Cone Woofer Speaker Repair
10" Poly Cone Repair
Baby Advent  Speaker Repair
Baby Advent Repair
Altec Model 9 Woofer Repair
Altec Model 9 Repair

Bose 901 Bose 802 Repair
Bose 901 Foam Repair

Bose 901 Bose 802 Repair
Bose 901 Cloth Repair

Cerwin Vega Speaker Repair
Cerwin Vega Repair

Infinity Kappa Speaker Repair
Infinity Kappa 12" Repair

Infinity RS Woofer Repair
Infinity RS Woofer Repair
ESS Speaker Repair
ESS AMT Woofer Repair
Boston HD7 Repair
Boston HD7 Repair
BMW Z3 Subwoofer Repair
BMW Z3 Subwoofer Repair
Tannoy Monitor Gold HPD385 Repair
Tannoy Monitor HPD385 Repair


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