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Toyota Speaker Repair

Toyota Speaker Repair

Speaker Refoaming Service Includes:
  • Complete inspection and testing of cone, spider, frame, voice coil, and lead wires.
  • Replacement of the required speaker surround and gasket if needed.
  • Full testing on completed repair.
  • Warranty: 1 year
  • The most common failure on most speakers is foam edge deterioration or dry rot.
  • If the speaker foam (outer edge) is bad, speaker refoaming will make your speakers look and sound just like brand new!
  • When shipping Toyota, Lexus, BMW, etc. speakers, please include the entire package tray, plate or panel that the speaker is mounted on. If they are mounted in a subwoofer box, the speaker can be removed before shipment.
    Please DO NOT remove, desolder or cut the wiring harness in any way! 

Toyota Speaker Model:
Refoam Price:
86160-0W020, Land Cruiser
86160-AA040, Camry
86160-AA310, Solara
86160-AC030, Avalon
86160-AC090, Avalon
86160-AC180, Avalon  
86160-AF060, Sequoia, Tundra, Sienna 
86160-AF070, Sequoia, Tundra, Sienna
86160-08110, Sienna
86160-60100, Landcruiser
86160-0W340 Landcruiser
6350 27603 (M135 1030)
ALL other JBL speaker models (86160-xxxx) (86150-xxxx) from Toyota systems
Toyota Avalon Subwoofer Removal:
How to remove the Toyota Avalon rear deck subwoofer model 86160-AC180:

Climb into the back seat. The speaker cover, which also houses the stop light assembly, is held in place with a couple of pop-in clips near the front of the cover. Using your fingers lift up firmly on the forward most portion of speaker cover enclosure, right where it touches the rear deck. The cover/enclosure should lift up about an inch as the pop-in clips come loose. If you canít get it with your fingers, carefully use a flathead screwdriver to pry it up. Now carefully pull the cover forward, towards the front of the car, about an inch. This should free the fingers that hold the rear of the cover in place. Reach back and disconnect the stop light wiring harness plug. You have to press on the center of the plug to release the lock as you pull it out of the socket. The cover should now lift away easily.

You can now see the woofer/speaker mounted in a black plastic frame held to the rear deck using 4 x 10mm bolts. DO NOT remove the speaker from the black plastic frame. Remove the speaker and the black plastic frame together. Using a 10mm deep well socket remove the 4 bolts holding the speaker frame in place. Now comes the slightly difficult part. The sides of the plastic speaker frame are under the fiberboard rear deck. You have to push the speaker frame to one side about an inch, further up under the rear deck fiberboard panel, so the other side of the speaker frame will lift up clear of the deck panel. It takes some doing. Lift the panel and push the speaker at the same time, kind of working it back and forth to get it to move. Once you get one side free and clear, the other side comes out pretty easily. The speaker wire is still connected. Reach down and unplug the speaker using the same method. The speaker and frame will now lift clear.

You can use the radio while the woofer is removed. Change the fader all the way to the front speakers.

Ship the entire assembly to us for repair. Please DO NOT remove the speaker from the black plastic frame.

We do not replace the wiring harness, wire harness connecting pins, etc. so be sure to keep those parts intact when removing your speaker!
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