Help! My phone got wet!


One minute you are enjoying your Saturday afternoon poolside until you drop your phone and it lands in the pool. Now what? There are plenty or remedies out there. The most popular seems to be putting your phone in some rice. The rice then absorbs the moisture and aids in drying out your phone. What if you don't have rice on hand? We've found another clever solution!

Olive,  founder of has created a website that allows you to run a low frequency tone though your phone speakers which helps expel any trapped water inside the device. This is similar to how an Apple Watch behaves if you take it into a pool or the shower. You can use the tone on any cellphone or tablet with a speaker. 

*Why is water bad for your device? Water mixes with electronic components, which may cause permanent damage to your phone. In all cases, if you succeeded to get the water out using, Please turn off your phone afterwards, and put it inside a bowl of rice for 48 hours to let it absorb the moisture. If water stayed inside your device, it may cause corrosion, or make a chemical reaction with the metals, causing short circuits on your board which may lead to complete failure of your device.

It might be handy to keep bookmarked in case of emergency and visit the site to learn more.

*Olive, "How Water Out Phone Works?", accessed March 31st, 2023,

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