1992: Check your woofers!

The most common problem with speakers are torn, rotted or damaged surrounds. The surround is the outer suspension part of your cone. Constant vibration, time and the environment cause foam or rubber surrounds to break down and degrade. Cloth and paper surrounds can become brittle. All of this leads to distortion and poor performance.

Before 1992, if you needed a speaker fixed, it usually meant a drive to a local shop (if you had one nearby), or shipping your big, heavy, expensive speakers across state lines for repair at one of a handful of shops around the country.

In 1992, we changed all that by developing an easy to install speaker edge repair kit and trademarked the brand "New-Edge-It ®". We sold our repair kits through classified ads in Stereo Review and Audio magazines.

We built our first website in 1995 and added eCommerce functionality in 1998.

1998: Everyone loves good sound!

From day one, we worked really hard to build our business to the level of servicing thousands of speaker systems each year, and specializing in repair parts for the home hi-fi enthusiast, bands, churches, night clubs, movie theaters, theme parks, government agencies, schools, and concert halls.

2010: We give good cone!

The rising popularity of vintage hi-fi systems fueled demand for our speaker parts, so we added a new line of replacement diaphragms, recone kits and accessories for speaker repair and trademarked the brand "SS Audio ®".

In 2010, we began development of a series of now popular how-to videos dedicated to speaker repair. These videos have helped thousands of people repair their own speakers.

2016: Do it yourself!

In 2016, due to increasing demand for our speaker repair kits and parts, we transitioned into primarily a distribution-based model, with a smaller focus on in-house repairs.

2020: We are shipping more orders than ever!

Online business is booming! Due to the ever increasing online marketplace, we are no longer open to the public. Our warehouse is for internet sales only, no walk ins.

We have over 11,000 square feet of space dedicated entirely to speaker parts.

Customers all over the USA and from around the world rely on us for parts to keep their speaker systems running in tip top shape.

Since our founding in 1992, our constant attention to detail, fast shipping, and great customer service have allowed us to grow year after year.

Thanks for taking a moment to check us out. We appreciate your support!

Sean Ryan and the crew at Simply Speakers

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