JL Audio 13W6v2 foam kits now available!
We have had many requests for this part. The wait is now over. Just in time for summer, Simply Speakers now stocks the JL Audio 13W6v2 foam repair kit. The 13W6v2 was a great alternative to the JL Audio 13W7 because it was lighter weight and required less power to run. After about 5-10 years the foam suspensions rot away from the cone and the bass sounds horrible. Use the JL Audio 13W6v2 kits to restore your subwoofer and save money. 
Check out our YouTube video to see how you do this yourself!
JL Audio W6 or W6v2? Know your model before you order!
If you are not sure what model JL Audio speaker you have please double check before you place an order. For example a JL Audio 12W6 and a JL Audio 12W6v2 use different kits. The W6v2 kits are specific to v2's or Version 2 JL Audio W6 models. The older W6's use our Classic JL Audio foam kits. When JL made the W6v2 they went to a wider rolled surround and this can be confusing when you need to order a foam kit. The models are usually printed on the magnet. Another trick to tell if your W6 is a Classic or a v2 is to check the cone. The v2 cones are solid black and say W6 at the base of the cone. The original W6's have the classic, white JL Audio logo printed on the center cap.
JL Audio W7 foam kits are also available
If you have a JL Audio 13W7 we have a kit for you too! Simply Speakers stocks kits for JL Audio 8W7, 10W7, 12W7, and 13W7 models including the Anniversary Editions. Click here to see our full catalog of JL Audio W7 foam repair kits. 
The W7 repair is a little different than the W6v2 repair. For this reason we did another YouTube video specific for the W7's.
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