JBL Factory Speaker Diaphragm 2453, 8 Ohm, D8R2453
JBL Speaker Factory Diaphragm D8R2453

JBL Factory Speaker Diaphragm 2453, 8 Ohm, D8R2453

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Fits:JBL: 2453, 2453H, 443654-001X, SRX722 made after September 28, 2011 (serial number greater than PO413-21617), SRX725 made after August 29, 2011 (serial number greater than P0415-30981), STX825, PD6212/43-WH, PD6212/64-WH, PD6212/66-WH, PD6212/95-WH, VRX915M (Check driver model! -Used in systems starting with the serial # #PO563-2194 forward) and many more!
Part Number: JBL-D8R2453
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Factory JBL Replacement Speaker Diaphragm Part # D8R2453

Voice coil: 3.93" (100mm)
Diameter: 5.125" (131mm)
Impedance: 8 ohm, DCR: 4.2 ohm
Titanium ribbed dome with edge wound voice coil on Kapton former 
Please check your model before ordering to make sure you are getting the correct diaphragm.
See the "Fits Models" tab for all applicable cabinet and driver numbers. 

UPC: 700621989899

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