JBL Factory Replacement Driver 2412H, 125-10000-00X
JBL Factory Tweeter Driver 2412H

JBL Factory Replacement Driver 2412H, 125-10000-00X

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Fits:JBL: 2412, JBL 2412H, JBL 2412H-1, 2413, 2413H, 125-10000, 339013, 8340A, Application Engineered (AE) Series: AC2212/64-WH, AC2212/95-WH, AC2215/64-WH, AC2215/95-WH, Control Contractor Surface Mount Series: C29AV-1/WH, Cab Series: CAB-25, CAB25, CAB 25, CAB-45, CAB45, CAB 45, Control Series: CONTROL 29AV-WH, CONTROL 321C-CT, CONTROL 328C-CT, EON Series: EON-10, EON10, EON 10, EON POWER10, EON10-G2, EON10G2, EON 10 G2, EON-1500, EON1500, EON 1500, JRX Series: JRX-100, JRX100, JRX 100, JRX-112M, JRX112M, JRX 112M, JRX-112MI, JRX112MI, JRX 112MI, JRX-115, JRX115, JRX 115, JRX-115I, JRX115I, JRX 115I, JRX-125, JRX125, JRX 125, MPro Series: MP-212, MP212, MP 212, MP-215, MP215, MP 215, MP-225, MP225, MP 225, MP-410, MP410, MP 410, Marquis Series: MS105-WH, MS28-WH, Sound Factor Series: SF-12M, SF12M, SF 12M, SF-12MI, SF12MI, SF 12MI, SF-15, SF15, SF 15, SF-15I, SF15I, SF 15I, SF25, SF-25, SF 25, TR Series: TR-105, TR105, TR 105, TR-125, TR125, TR 125, TR-126, TR126, TR 126, TR-225, TR225, TR 225, and many more!
Part Number: JBL-125-10000-00X
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JBL Factory Speaker 2412H Driver Part # 125-10000-00X
  • This is a complete brand new JBL 2412H driver
  • 1.375" thread on
  • Size: 3-3/8" (86mm) wide x 2-1/8" (54mm) tall
  • Impedance: 8 ohm, DCR: 4.2 ohm
  • We also carry replacement diaphragms for this model. See our JBL diaphragms page for details
  • See the "Fits Models" tab for all applicable cabinet and driver numbers.
UPC: 700621989974

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