JBL Design Foam Trim Tweeter Repair Kit, JBL LE25, FSK-LE25 (PAIR)
JBL LE-25 Tweeter Foam Repair Kit

JBL Design Foam Trim Tweeter Repair Kit, JBL LE25, FSK-LE25 (PAIR)

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JBL Design Foam Trim Tweeter Repair Kit, JBL LE25, FSK-LE25 (PAIR)
Part Number: FSK-LE25
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The most common problem with speakers are rotted, torn or damaged surrounds. The surround is the outer suspension part of the cone. Constant vibration, time and the environment cause foam and rubber surrounds to degrade. Cloth and paper surrounds can become brittle. This causes distortion and poor performance.
Luckily, our easy to install repair kits will make your old speakers sound just like new!

New-Edge-It® speaker repair kits. America's # 1 brand since 1992.

See Product Description, Title or the "Fits Models" tab to see speakers listed for this repair kit.  

Repair kit includes:

  • 2 x made in USA foam surrounds:
    Outer diameter: 4.125" (106mm), Foam thickness: .25" (7mm), Cone diameter: 1.75" (45mm), Inner diameter: 1.75" (45mm), Foam width: 1.25" (31mm)
    Peel and stick design
  • Exact dimensions can also be viewed in the photo gallery
  • FREE technical support and online videos

Product Overview:

  • Brand new formula made in USA surrounds last much longer than the originals.
  • We ship the same high quality parts used in the pro audio repair market.
  • We do NOT use generic glues or low quality imported surrounds like others sell.
  • Our exclusive clear drying rubber based repair adhesive is designed for paper, poly, and composite cones. Dries flexible, strong and clear.
  • Kits can be installed without removing the dust caps.
  • Dust caps, shims and gaskets are available for most models if needed. 
  • Access to our complete library of how-to speaker repair videos. 
  • Fast and FREE shipping to any USA address and worldwide shipping.
  • Economical and environmentally friendly. Save money AND save your speakers.
  • Simply Speakers® - Quality Speaker Parts since 1992!
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