JBL 2226, Speaker Gasket For Speaker Repair, Round, 15
JBL Speaker Gasket GAS-18JBL

JBL 2226, Speaker Gasket For Speaker Repair, Round, 15", GAS-15JBL

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Fits:JBL: CD3115, SR4706A, SR4726A, SR4735A, 2226H, 2226HPL, 71125-01X, 3678-LF, 4648A, 4648TH, 4660A, 4671OKA, 4673A, 5671, 5672/BI, 5674, 5739, 4671OKA, 4673A, 4730A, 4731A, 4745A, 4770A, AL6115-WH, AL6125-WH, AM6215/64-WH, AM6215/95-WH, AM6315/64-WH, AM6315/95-WH, AS2215-STD, AS4725ANW, P746, SP125S/WH, SP215-6/WH, SP215-9/WH, SP225-6/WH, SP225-9/WH, SR4704, SR4704A, SR4715X, SR4715X-1, SR4725, SR4725A, SR4725X, SR4725XF, SR4726X, SR4733A, SR4733X, SR4733X/F, SR4733X-6, SR4735, SR4735XF, SR4735X, STX815M, STX825, STX835, VLA301, VLA301H, VLA601, VLA601H, VLA901, VLA901H, VS125HS/WH, VS3115WH, and many more!
Part Number: GAS-15JBL
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JBL Speaker Replacement Gasket, 15", Part # GAS-15JBL

  • Outer diameter: 15" (381mm)
  • Height: .3125" (8mm)
  • Width: .375" (10mm)
  • Style: Foam, 8 notches, 4 sections
  • Use adhesive MI-3035
  • Easy to install

UPC: 710228085740

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