Shipping updates: 

We process orders Monday through Thursday.

See info here about recent US Mail issues:

Covid 19 is causing some delivery delays along with US Mail scan delays and tracking issues. 

UPS will not guarantee delivery times even if you pay extra for expedited delivery. 

USA and International orders from all carriers are taking longer than normal. 

Please note: 

For US Mail First Class, Priority and Express shipments. Your package "accepted" date and time is the actual pickup date from our location.
Most scans will show a follow up scan and date from the "accepted" scan but others will not. 

US Mail may or may not scan the bar code for a few days, but the package is indeed moving during this entire time, even though it appears "dead" or "stuck".

Tracking for some US Mail packages has become spotty and delivery delays are normal. Even with Covid 19, we have not had a single lost package on a US Mail shipment.

Please know that your package will arrive soon. US Mail will update tracking once it arrives at your local sorting center, and again at the time of delivery.

To view your package tracking, please click on the tracking number sent in your confirmation email, or log into our website if you have created an account.  

We continue to ship all orders in the fastest and safest manner possible.

Thanks for your support!

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