This fall Simply Speakers will begin the rollout of our new premium line of SS Audio Recone Kits. New models are being added every week. If you don't see your model listed give us a call at 1-800-511-3343. SS Audio recone kits are made to factory specification but at a fraction of the cost. All the parts you need are included. Each SS Audio recone kit include the cone, voice coil,  spider, flex lead wires, dust cap, and gaskets.

In addition to the SS Audio recone kit you can also purchase the same professional grade adhesives used here at our repair facility. When you purchase your kit remember to use the drop down and add a glue combo pack, part # MI-Combo
Have you ever reconed your own speaker? Would you like to give it a try? Pick up an SS Audio recone kit made for your speaker and give it a shot!
If you have always wanted to try speaker reconing check out our YouTube videos to see how its done.
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