Check out the online article about JBL speaker repair we did for the folks at AudioHolics online A/V magazine here:

Check out the online article about AR 9 speaker repair we did for the LA Splash online magazine here:

I just wanted to take a minute to reach out and say thank you. The factory JBL subwoofer in my 2006 4Runner blew a few months ago and I really didn t want to go aftermarket because of just how great the stock system sounds with no bulky sub or amp taking up precious cargo room. I ordered the repair kit Friday, and here it is Monday and the sub is already repaired and back in the truck. I am extremely impressed by the quality of the replacement surround and the simplicity of the installation, not to mention the great price. Your instructions were top notch and having a YouTube video to watch just to double check the steps is just icing on the cake. I am a bug believer in repair instead of replace when at all possible, and I will most definitely be ordering from your company again in the future. Please, please keep up the awesome things you all are doing. In a disposable world, it s a relief to see a company that still believes in repair. Thank you so much!

Jacksonville, FL

Dear Simply Speakers,

My experience with your organization was wonderful. The foam edge kit I ordered arrived in only two days. The 15" foam edges fit perfectly and the glue performed exactly as described. Your online videos provided me with everything I needed for a first time foam edge repair. My Mach 3s sound great again.
Great doing business with you.

Best regards, Alex
Bradenton, FL


These woofers sound great as replacements for the originals in some old speakers that my dad and I pieced together from some even older speakers back in the 70's. However, what I am most impressed with is Simply Speakers' willingness to go back and forth with me by email to figure out exactly what I needed to do. After watching their excellent video on how to repair my woofers, I was about to buy one of two repair kits, but after I sent a photo, they identified that neither kit would work for my repairs, and that the only option was replacement -- which saved me buying a repair kit or two, as well as a lot of time and frustration. Taking this time to answer my rookie questions, even though I was obviously not going to be a high-dollar customer, really impressed me. I don't think many places manage to carry the "mom & pop" (good) customer service ideals over into the online marketplace. I buy things online now and then, mainly through Amazon, but I have never taken the time to write a review before, if that tells you anything.

Lenexa, KS

There are a lot of companies that do foam repair kits for speakers and not many ways to decide which kit to buy. An easy way is to view their instructions ahead of time. Before ever ordering I watched the video on repairing my 128H speakers. It covered things I didn't know ( differences in diameter cones ), and fully showed the repair process. Not only that but Sean Ryan ( guy in the video ) actually looks like he's talking from experience unlike, the other videos I viewed. Honestly he looks like he could re-foam a speaker in the dark... Anyhow, warm fuzzy feelings that if I hit a snag I could call someone and they'd actually know what I was talking about. Plus other kits I looked at really do seem to come with the same white glue that we ate in kindergarten. The quality of the foam seems good too. Anyhow, after watching the video and reading their instructions I re-foamed two speakers on my kitchen counter in a Friday evening with no trouble at all and the speakers sound great once again.
Tom A.

These kits did the job as expected. First time order from Simply Speakers and I have to say I like the glue that came with this order a good deal better than the two different glues received from the competition in the past. The other worked as well, but this was a good deal easier to work with in my opinion.

Omaha, NE


I just want to say, I received my Cerwin Vega speakers yesterday from your repair service and they are absolutely beautiful, and they sound great ..... and to think I was about to trash them and get new speakers. thank you for doing such a wonderful job. I have not stopped smiling while listening to them.


Once again thank you very much.

Alexandria, VA


This foam speaker kit worked well, with a little adjusting of other speaker components. What differentiates Simply Speakers is the excellent videos that coach you through the process. Even more impressive is the idea that a real expert will pick up the phone or respond to e-mail questions. Don't shop around! Get your gear from Simply Speakers.

Lansdale, PA

I wanted to write to let you know how pleased I am with my recent experience with your company. I called to inquire about refoaming my vintage Heathkit AS1348 woofers last Friday. I was not hopeful of a favorable outcome considering their age and rarity. However, when I called I was pleased to learn that my speakers indeed could be repaired. I was shipped the New-Edge-It repair kit on Monday and as of Friday morning I am listening to them in all their former glory.  Although I had never attempted such a repair or even knew it was possible, with the help of your online videos it was simple and straightforward. 
Many thanks for your prompt and courteous service. As I am now retired, I look forward to many more years of enjoyment from my system which I built more than 30 years ago.
Best Regards,
Bill Campbell
Lafayette, IN

I was able to use 2 of the Sony 12" Foam Repair kits to repair a classic set of Sony speakers (bought at a yard sale for $5) to their original condition. Each unit of this set has an active speaker and a passive driver, and the repair kits worked well for both. The adhesive supplied is perfect! It has exactly the right drying time and tack for the job. The video on Simply Speakers web site explaining how to use the kit was one of the clearest and most comprehensive instructional videos that I have ever seen of that type, and made it really easy to make the repair. I ended up spending less than half the cost of replacement speakers and I now have these beautiful old speakers working like new again. Thanks!

Joseph Thompson

Hi Simply Speakers Team,
I normally do not write or give feedback on products that I have purchase. You all deserve it.... Your website is great.. I want to express my thanks, to all you guys who helped me through an experience with my speakers that I did not want to encounter. I have two pair of Infinity speaker sets. I noticed one day when I was cleaning them the foam on my 12 inch and my mid-range were ripped. Some places where so over priced, I thought I would never be able find a company to get this done. I did a lot of research and phone calls, I'm not one to get on an unknown site for anything. I watched your videos, feedback from your customers and saw what kind of product you have, so I was pretty convinced that this was the place to order for my Infinity speakers. I called and spoke to Sean, told him what was going on with my speakers. He steered me in the right direction and told me what I needed to get. I was so impressed by the information he knew about Infinity speakers, that I ended up ordering what I needed. INF-FSK-12A (Infinity 12") Foam Speaker Repair Kit FSK-12A, for a great price!! Then I had to do the mid-range speakers, I ordered the Foam Speaker Repair Kit FSK-5.25. The great thing about ordering, I had my repair kits with-in 3 days. AWESOME!!! As I was repairing the mid-range speaker, I cut too much into the cone. DEVASTATING!!!! So, I called Simply Speakers' again and told them what I did and how much damage there was. One of the reps told me what I needed and shipped this item to me with NO CHARGE!!! I had my product in 3 days! I can't tell you "Simply Speakers Team" how much I appreciate all the help and feedback you gave to me. My stereo is my pride and joy, and without your help, I do not know what I would have done. Now, my speakers are in great working order and sound AWESOME!!! Thanks again guys for all your help.
Michelle Crandall
Fulton, NY

Thank you for the wonderful how-to videos, the how-to directions, the kit itself and the very nice conversation with you when I ordered everything.


My Advent speakers sounded absolutely wonderful when I got the kit on, the speakers re-installed in the cabinet and the stereo fired up. 

After not having the speakers operative for several weeks, the great sound reminded me of how very much I missed hearing the music.


It was most interesting when I got them fired up because dear friends of ours were helping with the installation and they had bought a somewhat similar kit to ours, but from a different supplier. In short, your kit worked perfectly and theirs didn't!


Needless to say they were VERY impressed with my results. While their speakers are also Advents, but a bit smaller, they said mine sounded MUCH better.


Thanks again.


George Tuck

Lincoln, Nebraska

I wanted to write and let you know how pleased I am with the Bose 901 refoam kit which I ordered from you earlier this year.
I bought my  Series IV 901s in 1982 during my third tour of duty in South Korea and experienced several years of trouble free performance, but several years after I had returned to the United States, I noticed a marked drop off in performance. It was then that I noticed that the foam on the drivers had begun to deteriorate (no doubt due in part to having to be placed in storage). The only solution I could think of was to send the speakers back to Bose, but the people at Bose informed me that they couldn't repair them, but they would exchange them and send me a new pair at half price. I really did not want a "new" pair of 901s, especially given that the ones I had were in mint condition (with the exception of the foam) with no blemishes on the cabinets and pristne speaker grills
I agonized over this issue for many years until I stumbled across your website and purchased the replacement foam. The installation could not have been easier and the results were EXACTLY as advertised. So for about 5% of the cost for replacement speakers, I was able to resurrect the speakers that have been in storage for 23 years and they sound as good as the day that I bought them.
Thank you for offering such a great product... 
Jonathan Primm
Newnan, GA

I've had my refurbished AR-5's back in service, along with a new receiver(stashed the Dynaco), for a few weeks now and I couldn't be happier. Thanks for the parts, genuine, polite advice and prompt service. Now that's the way to run a business! Turn it up...  

JC. Hoffmeier
Cinnaminson, NJ

Hi, Sean,
Thanks much for your professional reconing of my 2231A, which I received yesterday. Packaging was perfect! I'm really satisfied with the quality of the reconing job, and they sound great. I'll keep in touch with you for the reconing of JBL 2121 at your hands in the near future.
Regards, Changsop
North Potomac, MD

Hi its Lou Rossi here in West Palm Beach wanting to say thanks for the nice job you did re-foaming my Infinity Reference 5 Speakers.  I got them back yesterday and you do a really nice job packing the speakers for shipment and was very professional following through with an e-mail that they were delivered as well as when they were on the way.  It was a pleasure to do business with you and will always be back with you in the future.  I will let everyone know of your great service.  Thanks so much and have a very Happy Easter.
My Regards,
Lou Rossi
Lake Worth, FL

Just a note - I was dealing with your tech dept. and must say they are some of the best customer service orientated individuals I have dealt with. Thanks again.

John Parnell
Cultus Lake, BC

I installed my made-in-China Clestion Blue alnico and I am very happy with it. Nice work! 
Thanks for using a genuine Mueller H1777 cone, as I requested, in lieu of the generic version that another speaker company tried to pass off to me.
Thanks Again & Best Regards,
Jay Filippone
Federal Way, WA

Thanks Sean,

The package did arrive today, It was very nice doing business with you. I'll let my friends in the Audio business know about your good service.

Jim LaRoda
Nassau, Bahamas

Hello, I have ordered from you two times and i just had to write and say you guys are the best in the business. Your quick response team is awesome in answering questions. Your super fast shipping can't be beat. You have outstanding customer service. I would highly recommend you to anyone looking for excellent speaker repair products. Many thanks for helping me get my stereo back up and running top notch. Have a wonderful day!

Barbara Brock
Norton, VA

Just wanted to thank you for the recent repair you did to my speaker.  I am an ardent do-it-yourselfer and purchased two of your re-foam kits for my 10” woofers.  One of the repairs on my end did not turn out well so I sent the speaker in and found your work to be first rate.  Now I wish I had sent both speakers to you from the start as the quality of the one I repaired, although functional, lacks the fit-n-finish of the repair that you did.  Your turn around time was great as was the Customer Service in answering my questions.  Thanks again; very pleased and would recommend your work to anyone.

Mike Lampe
St. Marys, PA

Hi Tom, just to let you know I received my speakers today and I would like to tell you that I am very happy with the result. The repair is excellent and the finish is great. There is no way that the repair that was done in Auckland compared to your work! The cost for me was a wee bit higher than having the speakers repaired in Auckland but considering that I would not hesitate to send them to you again, and I will recommend anybody to you guys, so once again thank you for the great work.
Justin Holmes
Wakefield, New Zealand

Hey guys, received my JBL L100T woofers today,and I just want to say that I was simply amazed with the quality of workmanship put into these drivers. They look better than new, and sound absolutely spot on. Thanks for the excellent service.
Ralph Anderson
Harrodsburg, KY

To: Simply Speakers Team,

I would like to thank all of your team effort in restoring my JBL drivers and both set of crossovers.
These speakers are normal now, and the problem that really helped was the crossover repair. The drivers look great also and it is nice that you saved my original oem parts from the last recone repair better than eleven years ago. Again thanks so much!

Mark Clark
Union Mills, NC

500 Watt system 20 years ago= 2500.00

Blown woofer = devastating

Fixing it with your product=miraculous

Being able to vibrate the windows again=PRICELESS!






Jack Wertz

Lancaster, Pa.

Hi there,


I just wanted to say thanks very much. The diaphragm arrived yesterday and it was beautifully packed. But most of all it sounds fantastic! I stupidly bought a replacement diaphragm here in Australia but it was an aftermarket model and they claimed it sounded like the original EV but although it worked fine and the highs and mids were there, the sound was definitely not like the other speaker which had a proper EV diaphragm. But the second after I installed yours and played music through it I could certainly hear immediately it sounded identical to the other speaker and now both of them sound absolutley huge!


Thanks again. Great service, I wont hesitiate to use your services again.


Kind regards


Jeff Evans

I just wanted to let you know that I am 110% satisfied with your work and my experience with Simply Speakers. Dealing with an unknown company (to me) over the internet can be a little unnerving but my experience with you has been very enjoyable. Your constant e-mail communications with me advising me of my speakers arrival, work process, and shipping information was very comforting. Your turn-a-round time was very fast too. The surround refoaming of my 12" M&K V-2B woofer looks as good as new. 

Again....THANKS for the quality workmanship and constant communications.


Gary Marks
Malvern, Ohio

I don't usually write product reviews but felt compelled to based on the excellent service that was provided to me by Simply Speakers so consider it done. 
Here are some more positive comments:
Your webpage layout is very user friendly and order placement simple.  I received confirmation notice of my order right away.  I was provided with a tracking number shortly thereafter.  I received my shipment (in perfect condition) within days of placing my order.  The product was excellent and suited my requirements.  It doesn't get much better then that. I picked your store over others because you identified the speakers (by brand and model number) that the foams worked in conjunction with. Other sites did not provide this information or put the onus on me to figure it out and measure to be sure.
Overall, I was quite impressed.

Ordered replacement foam surrounds for the low end drivers in my Dahlquist Dq-12's. They arrived in a rigid box three days later with instructions and a tube of glue. The job itself was easy to do, and I've never done this before. There's nothing to "centering" the speaker, and the shims that other surround replacement dealers include seem totally unneccessary, as the speaker naturally wants to sit in the centered position. Gluing the surround on was easy and I had no anxiety over getting it right. The directions provided were easy to follow, and the surrounds themselves are made of a supple yet tough material. When I put the repaired speakers into use, they sounded excellent, even at ear-splitting volume with the bass turned up. I've now brought a pair of speakers back to life that someone spent over a thousand dollars to purchase when new, and which I was given for free! This proves that old speakers with no more than rotted foam surrounds are only twenty-five dollars and about one hour of work away from working like new. I would order this kit again anytime, and there is no reason to pay a repair place to do it for you-Simply Speakers came through for these Dahlquists and I'm 100 percent satisfied and basking in great sound-thanks.
David Durst
New England

I needed replacement surrounds and woofers for my Mirage V2FS floor standing and V2s Book Shelf. Found Simply Speakers by Google search, the rest was history. Because I live in the Southern Caribbean I felt I should call/email the company and seek advice on my requirements prior to purchase. All my emails were answered promptly (within 8 hours) and all info sought was readily and accurately dealt with. I had occasion to call the guys, Tom and others, and those fellows were professional polite and engaging. I was 1st told that there was no stock on the 4" rubber surrounds but I should measure the speaker cone diameters, supply this info and they would check their sources. In a matter of hours I was contacted with "Good news" the surrounds were located and would be a perfect fit. The woofers I was told would be special ordered for me. From there it was a go, I paid online for 6 surrounds and 7 replacement woofers and my purchase was promptly acknowledged with a promise of 7-10 days delivery. Delivery to my couriers was a bit delayed as the order was placed over the New Year period which was excusable and understandable. I received my order in Trinidad approx. 17days from my order being placed. On receipt the box was securely packaged and protected by foam rolls. The surprise cane when I un-stuffed the box. The woofers were an exact replacement part number and all. The surrounds which I planned to use on the passive radiators were a perfect fit both for radiator and woofers. I have since repaired 2 radiators and replaced 2 of the woofers on the V2FS and put the speakers back in circuit, they sound like NEW!! Thanks to Simply Speakers!! I still have more repairs to do on my other book shelf speakers and I don't anticipate any differences in outcome. I forgot to mention that the original surrounds were all denatured by the tropical heat. When I examined the quality of the new surrounds they are manufactured with a rubber quality which I believe would better be able to withstand our harsh climatic conditions. All in all Simply Speakers was a refreshing experience and product quality was excellent including that supplied glue!!

Edlyn Esdaille
Trinidad, West Indies
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